From small beginnings

DRM Maintenance and Management Company was organized in 1977 as a landscape company. The business was started by Anthony Gray and his father in their garage with one tractor, one mower, and one trimmer. The business originally focused on mowing for cities that required property owners to adhere to a noxious weed ordinance. In two years, DRM became the largest contractor in this area of business. The city of Wayne, Westland, Canton, Southfield and others were on their customer list. Soon the business expanded to commercial and industrial mowing. AT&T, Michigan Bell, General Motors, and Detroit Edison were added to the growing customer base.

Port partnership

In 2012, DRM partnered with the Port of Monroe and became the dedicated operator at the Port. The Port had been dormant for many decades and new leadership sought to put the Port back on the map through dynamic maritime growth. DRM redeveloped port grounds and improved the facility which allowed the Port to leverage local and international contacts to restart cargo operations. In 2012 DRM handled its first maritime export cargo. The partnership between DRM and the Port has created new economic growth opportunities for the entire region.

Our future

While the Port continues to pull our region together, DRM will continue providing quality care and service to its customers and partners. Over the years, our clients have opened many doors for DRM to grow and diversify the business that we now know as Diversified Residual Management. We continue to look for valued partners and opportunities that would assist us in bringing value, productivity, cost savings, and long-term relationships to our client base.